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Hooks for Developers


This plugin is developer friendly. A developer can customize this plugin using hooks added in this plugin. Below are the hooks details with example code.


Use this filter to change the marker icon on the delivery area map.

function wdap_map_icon_url($url){

//Provide url of your custom map icon
$url = 'http://www.yourwebsite.com/your-icon-file.png';
return $url;


Use this placeholder to change placeholder of zipcode text field on woocommerce pages on delivery area form only.

function wdap_zipcode_placeholder_on_woopages($placeholder){

//change placehoder text
$placeholder = 'Your Custom Placeholder Text Here';
return $placeholder;


Change heading of product availability tab on product detail page.

function wdap_product_availability_tab( $heading ){

//Change Heading Of Product Availability Tab
$heading = 'Your Custom Product Availability Tab Heading Here';
return $heading;


Use this filter to change text of place order button on checkout page in case of order restriction enabled from backend.

function wdap_place_order_button_checkout($label){

//Change Button Label
$label = 'Your Custom Button Label';
return $label;


Use this filter to change heading about zip code listing in product availability tab on the product page.

function wdap_product_availability_desc($heading){

//Customise description
$description = 'Your Custom heading About Markers On Map Goes Here';
return $heading;


Use this filter to hide unwanted markers for any country by simply passing their short name.

function wdap_exclude_countries((array)$countries){
//Add shortnames of countries in array dynamically
// For eg. if you do not want to check user provided zipcode for any reason in singapore.
// $countries[] = 'SG';
// See country list shortname from here : //http://creatingawebstore.com/woocommerce-country-codes-and-state-codes-list.html
return $countries;


Use this filter if you want to remove the restriction on markers and show markers outside the restricted country also.

function wdap_marker_restrict_in_selected_country((boolean)$restrict){
//To show all markers having same zipcode in different countries to bypass country restriction
//$restrict = false;
return $restrict;


Use this filter to change placeholder text of google autosuggestion text field on the delivery area map.

function wdap_placeholder_search_text_on_map($placeholder){
//Set Custom Placeholder Text
$placeholder = 'Set Your Custom Placeholder Text Here';
return $placeholder;

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